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The Radel® family of sulfone-based polymers are high temperature amorphous thermoplastics offering a superior combination of better chemical resistance and higher dry heat capability than polysulfone (Udel®) or polyetherimide (Ultem®).

Radel® A PolyEtherSulfone or PES (also known as PolyArylEtherSulfone or PAES) provides a greater margin of performance in such areas as toughness in comparison with other plastics. It has a high heat deflection temperature of 400°F (204°C), good hydrolytic stability, and chemical resistance to many commonly used acids and bases.

Radel® A is available in transparent, opaque as well as filled grades. It is used for lighting fixtures, electrical and electronic components, surgical and medical devices, chemical process equipment, automotive and food service components. Radel® A is FDA approved and NSF and UL listed. It is available in amber transparent and opaque colors.

Radel® R PolyArylEtherSulfone or PAES (also known as Polyphenylsulfone or PPSU) offers superior hydrolysis resistance when compared to other amorphous thermoplastics as measured by steam autoclaving cycles to failure. In fact, Radel® R has virtually unlimited steam sterilizability. This makes it an excellent choice for medical devices. It also resists common acids and bases -- including commercial washing solutions -- over a broad temperature range.

Radel® R is available in amber (translucent), natural (bone white), and custom colors. It is commonly used in sterilization trays, dental and surgical instrument handles, orthopedic implant trials and in fluid handling coupling and fitting applications. Radel® R is FDA, USDA, and USP Class VI compliant.

Radel® is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers

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